Friday, February 27, 2009

How Long Has It Been?

Its been a while I say since I have posted in my blogger world. I'm starting to get settled with the fact that Justin is gone on deployment. It has been a week now and I think I have another 3 months to go. Lovely. I've been really busy with school and am actually flying back to California March 6th to be with family for my spring break. And then, my lovely cousin Samantha is coming for a week towards the end of March to celebrate my 21st! Oh Dear, good times ahead I am sure. It will help break up the time when the man of my dreams is out to sea fighting for our country. I have only heard from him once this entire a week...a short quick email. So, at least I know he is alive. He is working really long hours (16-18 hrs a day I think?!) and is on nights, so he is exhausted. Check out the pictures below to see the mighty IKE leaving on deployment...along with the 6000 sailors on board.

I think the hardest part was listening to the national anthem while all the sailors manned the rails of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. The images make me so proud. I miss you sailor.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a Posh Pooch

Well, Ellie had quite the Valentine's Day today. She was treated to a day at the Posh Pooch Dog Spa as a Valentine's treat.

It was her first time at a groomers, and with her undercoat coming through, it was necessary that we got this done. They said that she was a very hyper pup and was wiggling all over, but she did not bark or bite! Quite impressive for a pomeranian I think...and so did they! They thought she was so cute and such a little love bug. And look how cute she is!

Complete with little pink dotted bows! How posh of her!

Valentine's Day

Well, it is our 1st Valentine's Day together as a married couple. Too bad Justin has duty. Its a bummer, but he surprised me last night with my favorite flowers...tulips!!

He also brought home a ridiculously large "Love" balloon home that is hidden in the bedroom because Ellie is scared to death of it! He also ordered food for us that we ate while watching a movie he got and sipping on a lovely bottle of California Shiraz!

A Day at the Park...the Dog Park that is!

So, after a few rain-free days, we figured Ellie needed to release some pent-up winter energy at the local dog park.

Ofcourse she wanted to play with the big dogs! Silly Girl!

Look at her go!

She made a new friend! We love this little girl! She slept and slept after her play time. Too bad she had to get a full bath because she was super muddy! Tisk Tisk!

Justin's 22nd Birthday, Feb 6th 2009

Happy Birthday to my dear husband. I went a little crazy and decorated the apartment. I figured he deserved it and would love it...complete with a cake too!

Yay to Dollar Tree Decorations and Wrapping Paper!

Pretty Presents and Yummy Cake

The Birthday Boy Opening Presents

A new external hard-drive to store all of our pictures, music, and documents...2 days too late after the computer crash of 2009. Ironic, isn't it?

Ellie found a new toy!

Back to Blogworld

After my recent disappearance from technology during the malfunctioning computer, I am back up and running with a brand new 320GB hard-drive in the computer, but missing all of our old files. Its a bummer, but hopefully we can recover them at some point. Anyway, more posts are coming today to show the past few weeks of things that should have been blogged but just haven't made it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Alright, so it 9:23 in the morning, East Coast time. I've been up since 5:45, showered, took J to work, went to class, and am now on my break working on a public computer instead of my adored Macbook because why? Oh, well maybe because my computer CRASHED! Yes, thats right. The Mac that cost me over a grand is now in capoots as I say. The poor piece of technology has an appointment tomorrow at the Genius Bar in our local Mac store, so hopefully they can help bring the computer back to life. Otherwise, we lost over 4000 pictures, a music collection that has taken over 5 years to create, and all of my important documents that I need. And I'm sure you're asking why I don't have any of that stuff backed up? Well, Justin's birthday is tomorrow and ironically I bought him an external hard drive so we could backup all of our stuff (music, pictures, etc). Funny that the computer crashed two days before the gift was given. And to top it all off, if the computer is dead, we must find the money to purchase another one. Does anyone have a $1000 laying around?? Lovely. And even more fitting is that I was just about to pay off an ENTIRE credit card, which would leave us only one credit card to deal with. I guess that won't be happening for a while. My mom laughed at the situation and said: Well hun, thats just life. Your father and I have been trying to get ahead for the last 25 years, and as soon as we get in a position to pay something off, something happens. Oh how I love married life. Well, I do love married life, so ignore the past sarcasm. But I miss the ease of paying my credit card off every month and not having bills. But unfortunately, things happen and debt is created. So, wish us and my dear computer luck tomorrow with the "Geniuses" at Mac. I'm trying to think optimistic, but from what I've heard about the problem that the computer is having the outcome is not the best.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, its Sunday morning (actually more like afternoon!) and Justin and I just woke up about an hour ago, snuggling the puppy in our big bed. We then dragged ourselves into the kitchen to make yummy pancakes, bacon, and freshly brewed coffee in our french press. I think today is just going to be a nice lazy day filled with laundry, dishes, yummy food, studying, and ofcourse...the Superbowl. We have the opportunity to go to Hooters for the game with a bunch of friends, but there is a part of us that just wants to hang out at home. Tomorrow Justin has duty and I have lots of homework to do, so it will be a nice day to study. Justin and I still have so many things to do though: take down Christmas lights, nail up a few things, work on applications and resumes, and a lot else. Wish us luck accomplishing all of those things!