Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Engagement Story

The day finally arrived. August 30th of 2007 in the warm afternoon in Norfolk, Virginia. A not so whimsical picnic menu of Taco Bell Burritos and Tacos paired with the very beautiful location of the Norfolk Botanical Gardens made a perfect combination for a day to remember. We wasted out time playing with a squirrel that we thoughtfully named Frank, then decided to explore the endless surroundings like usual. The ignorant me played in the willow trees, and remarked on all the beautiful flowers. Justin followed with me, looking a little pale with beads of sweat forming around his brow. I thought nothing of it and assumed the sweat was from the heat of the afternoon. After an hour of frolicking in the gardens, Justin suggested going down a pathway that we had not yet explored. Walking down the rock laid path, I dashed to the fountain to splash the water. After that, Justin led me into an ivy covered gazebo. As I walked in, my attention was distracted by a fast food cup on the bench in the gazebo. I picked it up, complaining about how people leave their trash. As I turned around to show Justin the beverage container, I was astounded by the professionally made banner stretched across the other side of the gazebo that read: Lys, Will You Marry Me? I kept turning where I was met by the love of my life getting down on bended knee. I dropped everything and immediately had tears well up in my eyes. Justin asked me to marry him and presented me with a ring made of a blade of grass. I was delighted at the sight since my mother always told me that the ring will mean the same whether if it is made of grass or of the finest metal. But Justin has always been a joker and brought out another box with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. We hugged and cried forever and remarked at the beauty of the sign made especially for me. It brought back memories of when Justin had asked me to be his girlfriend in a gazebo years before. Soon after, his friends Shannon and Ashlee, and his roommate Sal came out of the bushes where they had been taking pictures after setting up the sign in the gazebo. They were also the culprits of the litter that was left on the bench. The pictures kept clicking and the tears kept coming as Justin and I began calling all of our families and friends. Our parents had been anxiously waiting for the phone call and my mother claimed that she could not sleep the whole night before as she knew the engagement day was that day. And since that day, Justin and I have never felt closer and have never felt more complete. I can only imagine what we will feel like on our wedding day.

Seeking Creativity...And Patience

Here I am.

The day before my sophomore year at Cal Poly State University and instead of spending my time mentally preparing for this adventure of education and insight, I decided to take another stab at figuring out how to put this stupid blog together. So, lets see if I get any farther than when I tried 6 months ago.