Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back to Blogland

Wow, so I think it may be 3 months since I have been on my blog, and there is so much to update on!! I'll give you all just a quick list:

1: My husband is home...for good! And it is just amazing.
2. I'm working full time this summer for an internship with KPMG...the Number 4 accounting firm in the entire world. Can we say $21 an hour?
3: I got my hair cut before Justin came home again! Super funky and spiky...and a little reminiscent of Kate Gosselin

4: Justin got a fulltime position working for a construction company on salary. So that is very exciting! Still will need some more money to come in though once my internship ends and I go back to school to finish up my bachelors. I am very proud of my man.
5: I painted a picture. Check it out:

6: I'm loving having my husband home. Especially when he surprises me with a long-stem rose just because he loves me. Or I come home from work and the house is vacuumed and the laundry is done.
7: We've been bbq-in a lot. Yummy chicken, corn on the cob, and twice baked potatoes.
8: I have a newfound love for fireflies
9: We are buying a second car soon! YA!
10: We feel blessed...especially this morning. Woke up and had yummy coffee, homemade popovers, and bacon. Now drinking coffee in bed for a bit, then up to the Botanical Gardens to take pictures, test driving some cars, then taking the puppy to the dog park.