Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, its been a while since I have been on here...and one of my previous posts said this about Justin:

I can't imagine having to say goodbye again for the 3rd deployment. Having him home with me everyday is an incredible thing. Its a constant that I never knew I would enjoy so much.

Funny how life gets thrown around on you so quickly. I'm an A-type personality, and a little OCD. Everything has its place, and our life is always planned to a "T". Because of this, I know that God had me marry a man in the military to learn that I cannot have control over everything, and to learn that HE is in control, and to learn the virtue of patience. But man, has this been a tough one. 24 hours notice and your life is turned around. This has been MUCH harder than any previous deployment, mostly because I NEVER thought I would have to do it again...EVER! And the even harder thing is that I have NO idea when he will be home. We have heard anywhere from a few months to a WHOLE year. Do you know how much we have planned this year? Besides all of the basic holidays that I thought we would never have to miss together again (like birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc), my graduation is fastly approaching, and that is one of the BIGGEST events of my life minus our wedding and child birth. So much family is coming out for the event, and I can't imagine Justin not being there for it. We also have a big trip planned to go home for a wedding, as well as many other things. Sigh...its been a little crazy. But alas, besides my few ranting moments (like above), I am staying strong and knowing that this is much harder on him than it is me. I know that my support, love, and prayers is helping him, so that is what I am trying to focus on. I've just been praying though for news about his schedule. Just some notice about when he will be home. Its hard looking in your future and having no idea what it holds for you. Thankfully, I am staying SUPER busy with my last semester of school, and work is keeping me super busy as well. I just started a new Bible study at my church with a good friend, so that has been uplifting as well. I'm just ready for to have him home...for good!

We got a big snow storm last week, and it was stunning. Felt like a bit of home away from home. About to start some homework since I have a break in between classes. Gotta use the time when you have it.


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Kate said...

Oh how I wish you didnt live a whole continent away! I wish I could give hugs and plan girly nights to keep your mind off it even temporarily! For now, Im sending love and prayers!